Prearranged funerals are funeral arrangements made in advance, prior to death with a Licensed Funeral Director. This can be completed either at the funeral home or in your own home. The funeral director will consult with you and determine the funeral details, your wishes, document all important, and government information required at the time of death. This information will be placed on file at the Funeral Home and you will receive a copy for your own records. Burial, cremation, visitation, casket, vault, urn, flowers, donations, after funeral reception, choice of hymns, clergy, pall bearers, flower bearers and all relevant information can be decided on in advance.

Why Prearrange?

Planning ahead helps you and your family in many ways. It can be summed up in three words:

"Peace of Mind"

You can feel relieved that the funeral and all arrangements are planned according to your needs and personal wishes. Prearranging prevents the burden of these decisions and arrangements from falling on your survivors who may not be aware of your wishes or may not be emotionally equipped to be faced with all the difficult decisions to be made at one of the worst times of their lives.

Prearranging helps you to fully understand the services and costs involved in a funeral. It is a chance to explain the embalming and funeral preparation process. It lets you discuss options concerning the type of funeral service, casket, vault, burial or cremation, etc. and explore these costs so that you can create a funeral plan that meets your financial needs and your family’s emotional needs and wishes. It allows you to take time, ask questions, and make informed decisions without any pressure, in a relaxed environment without any grief to cloud your mind, no chance to let sentiment override your better judgment.

Visiting the Bluewater Chapel of Falconer Funeral Homes will allow you to view one of the area’s most modern facilities and to ensure they will meet your needs. It gives you the opportunity to meet our experienced and helpful staff who can help you explore different possibilities and answer any questions you have.