Once you decide to prearrange or you wish to find out more information, call the funeral home to speak with one of our funeral directors.

A funeral director is available for an appointment at your convenience. Not only during normal business hours, but in the evening as well. If you are unable or do not wish to visit the funeral home we are available to come to your home or place of choice.

Appointments are not always necessary. We welcome walk-in enquiries and interviews, tours of our facilities, cost comparisons or answers to any of your questions.

Prior to a meeting with a Funeral Director, we encourage you to discuss ideas and wishes with your family, friends, clergy and executor(s) to ensure inclusion of all family members and allow your family to share in personalizing a prearranged funeral with you.

Remember, prearranging and prepaying funeral arrangements are two different things. You do not necessarily have to prepay a service if you do not wish to. Our funeral directors are quite willing to give you a no obligation cost quote once your needs and wishes are determined. This information can quite easily be left on file with us in an unfunded prearranged funeral only. Prearranged and prepaid funerals can also be cancelled or transferred at any time.

What is Required to Prearrange?

To prepare a complete prearrangement file, there are many things we require to be able to complete documentation required by the government (Vital Statistic Act), by the funeral home, by the Clergy and to be able to prepare media announcements.

Information required in all instances:

  • Full name, address, birth date and birth place
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Full name of spouse including maiden name where applicable
  • Most recent occupation
  • Military service information
  • Parents names including mother’s maiden name and their birth places.
  • Name, address and phone number of executor, next-of-kin or legal representative.
  • Names of relatives to be included in any media announcement.

Other information we require is whether the funeral will be public or private, where the services are to be held, (Church or our Chapel) burial or cremation preferences, church affiliation, clergy preference, music to be included and any other unique requirements and ideas and so on.

We would also discuss caskets, vaults, urns, cemeteries, monuments, visitation, after funeral reception, flowers, media notices, funeral cards and stationery needs, memorial donations, fraternal organization involvement, etc.

There are dozens of decisions to be made and much information required to arrange a meaningful life celebration service. We can help you explore possibilities and personalize your wishes for a funeral service.